The Scarlet Temple


It’s now a common observation that the pandemic changed all of us significantly, whether we knew it at the time or not. For many of us, the knowledge that we could die of an illness caught by breathing was the clarion call. For others, it was a refusal to be beaten down by fear of a mindless organism that changed everything.

Regardless, the outcome is the same: we reached a profound new understanding of the precious, fleeting nature of our years on this planet. 2020 was a year of loneliness and isolation, caught between an unknown future and a dying past. We spent months starved for touch, companionship, and intimacy.

We all fought those dark days differently. Some of us took up painting, cooking, or yoga. Some of us quit our jobs or transitioned into new occupations. Lots of us got divorced, moved residence, or made other life-changing decisions.

Me? I realized I’m bisexual, non-monogamous, and despite officially reaching “middle age,” still very much a sexual being.

The pandemic changed me by giving me the opportunity to heal decades of shame and guilt about my gender, my sexuality, and romantic relationships. In the course of that fateful year of lockdown, I had a series of stunning epiphanies about how I want my life to feel, and what I want to experience in the time I have left here, however long that may be. I also experienced major breakthroughs in my magickal practice by working with the goddess Babalon, the divine embodiment of shameless sexual pleasure and promiscuous love.

In short, I came to understand how vitally important genuine, sexual self-expression really is. Not only is it integral to our identity and sense of wellbeing, it’s the key to personal power, self-love, and the most powerful magick you will ever practice.

Understanding the connection between sexual and magickal energy unlocked doors of transformational efficacy for me that I never even knew were there. Experiencing the divine through lusty and sacred sexual connection with others changed my whole paradigm, and I knew my life would never be the same.

This gnosis was a newfound glory I wanted to share with the world! I wanted to find others like me—witchy people who honor the divinity and magickal potency of sexual love—but everywhere I looked, I saw the same old trappings of shame, guilt, and puritanism.

Be that as it may, I had found my freak flag, and I was determined to fly it! After trying to find my precious people in the haystacks of the muggle dating and kink scenes to little avail, I decided to create the community I wanted to join. And The Scarlet Temple (ST) was born.

With just the right mix of love and debauchery, ST is a little bit 😇 and a little bit 😈!

This is a community of real, loving people who not only care about honoring sex, but also are unashamed of desire, lust, and kinky fun. They are open, sexy, and powerful magickians who are each pursuing their unique calling (a pursuit known as the Great Work in the occult world), while building a community for the New Aeon, one cosmically erotic connection at a time.

And since the moment the first people entered our virtual Temple, I have felt more turned-on, inspired, and hopeful than I can recall feeling in a long time. It’s a treasure, and I want very much to share it with all the magickal people out there who are searching for their own community of freaks and weirdos.

So this is me, hoisting the Freak Flag beacon call for you to come find YOUR tribe of sexy, magickal friends. I’m tempting you to come see why one member gushed, “ST is giving me NRE!” (new relationship energy, that feeling of giddy bliss and adolescent horniness most commonly experienced during the opening days and months of a new romantic relationship).

If you are fascinated by the connection between sex and magick, and you are both sex-positive and occult-positive, this here page was written expressly to find YOU. I sincerely hope you’ll apply to become a member of The Scarlet Temple when we open our doors to new members.

Click HERE to learn more and apply to join the only online community connecting magickal sexicians just like you for sexy fun, witchy learning, and fast friendship.

In Consciousness and Connection,





Here are some of the benefits that our badass members enjoy…

😈 trading fantasies with other brilliantly filthy minds,

🤤 starting their workday off with some titillating pics to daydream about,

🍷 joining Happy Hour discussion groups,

✨ learning practical sex magick,

✈️ connecting with the friends they made at our two previous meet-ups in Chicago,

🌹 experiencing a direct connection with Holy Temptress Babalon via group workings…


…and that’s just the beginning! The list of all we’re doing and have up our sleeve goes on and on.

But we’re missing YOUR MAGICK in the Temple, and that simply will not do.

So tell me, what’s stopping you from throwing your hat into the ring to join our merry band of prayer sluts, mystical deviants, and rebel magickians???

What more could we do to entice you to apply? 😏