Here’s what clients have to say about working with me…

“This was a real game changer for me. It has helped me communicate and receive information on a much more profound level in my entire life and has deepened my spiritual connection with the wisdoms of these archetypes when I become aware of them around me. I can’t thank Kyndyll enough for this. Kyndyll is incredibly grounded and a very safe, neutral, and wise presence. I often describe her readings as the cards being extensions of her hands. The fact that she is so grounded and methodical in her approach is very calming and reassuring for people who are new to getting readings. She has high ethics and integrity about how she conducts herself; her level of professionalism is really important for people who may be turned off by ungrounded readers who lack the ethics and professionalism that Kyndyll embodies.” –Leigh R.

“I had a reading today and I have to say that it was one of the most healing readings I have had. Everything I have been going through came out and I was given such a beautiful message. I can’t say enough good things, today I received a reading that really helped change my life. I left feeling empowered and hopeful. Absolutely wonderful experience!!!!”
–Houston S.

“Kyndyll is my most trusted advisor. When I need perspective and truth spoken in love with compassion, I go to her. She is well versed in the Tarot and her chosen deck (Crowley-Harris Thoth). Her ability to take 15+ years of knowledge and combine it with intuitive discernment is astonishing. Her readings always cut right to the heart of the matter, dispelling illusions with ease. Lest you fear for only your soul being fed during your session, Kyndyll is a fount of resources and practical advice to achieve the next step on your journey. Her client-centered approach will leave you feeling heard, understood at your deepest level, and hopeful for what the future brings.” –Charity P.

“The private session that I had with Kyndyll to learn about the correspondence between Astrology and Tarot has been a game changer for me. It has unlocked a depth of understanding about myself – what makes me tick and lights me up – and the life my soul came to live this go around. In recent weeks, I have been intently studying, contemplating and analyzing every aspect of my chart for guidance as I move forward in new directions both professional and personal. With this cosmic context, I can make choices with clarity, confidence, meaning and purpose.  I want to express my gratitude for the astrology work that you do, and encourage you to continue putting it out into the world because it has profound value for those who are ready to receive it!” –Francesca M.

“My sessions with Kyndyll make me think critically about my perceptions of myself and my life. I’ve not yet moved into the stage of making all of the changes that would be in my best interest, but I wouldn’t even be in the space of acknowledging the need for change without Kyndyll and the cards forcing me to look in the psychic mirror, as it were. Since working with Kyndyll, I finally made the step of demanding my doctor give me a referral to an endocrinologist, and that has made a huge positive change in my life. ” –Bethanie P.

“When I first started working with Kyndyll, I was lacking guidance and looking for something to help me figure out myself and find balance. Kyndyll helped me overcome my initial hesitations by being open, nonjudgmental, and comforting. Her calm is a strength! Since I began working with her, my health and sense of wellbeing have improved. I feel peaceful and heard. Working with Kyndyll is like being in your favorite calm place: I feel light and a sense of peace, calm, and joy when I leave her readings. I would encourage anyone to work with Kyndyll—she exudes calm and peace, and knows when to delve deeper and when not to. She makes sure each client leaves at peace and doesn’t have anything else to discuss.” –Kelly P.

“I cannot recommend, highly enough, the benefit and enlightenment you will receive from AstroTarot Tutoring!!!! I had Kyndyll come to my home and give me an intensive AstroTarot Tutoring Session. A wonderful 2 hours that opened my eyes and help me see where I needed improvement, why I do/have done some of the things I have done! Do it…you won’t regret it!” –Heather M.

“Working with Kyndyll is non-stressful and low-key, but full of knowledge and comfort. I would tell anyone who’s thinking of working with her that it’s worth it for finding insight and learning in their life. I highly recommend Kyndyll whenever I can!” –Desiree M.

“When Kyndyll reads she is absolutely in her element. Her guided insights provide clarity, healing, and hope.” –Sukey S.

“Kyndyll has natural discernment and beautifully crafted insight. She ushers in the realm of intelligence and relays information with grace and humility.” –Susan W.