Tarot Consultations

No parlor tricks or fortune telling here. I’m not going to tell you your future—I’m here to help you create it.


“I would encourage anyone to work with Kyndyll—she exudes calm and peace, and knows when to delve deeper and when not to. She makes sure each client leaves at peace and doesn’t have anything else to discuss.” –Kelly P.

“My sessions with Kyndyll make me think critically about my perceptions of myself and my life…I’ve tried other readers—both tarot and other types—and she’s the most accurate of the ones I’ve seen.” –Bethanie P.

“Kyndyll is my most trusted advisor.” –Charity P.


As a reader of symbolism and synchronicity, I’ve spent my career learning to understand the “language” of universal coincidence and magick through decades of academic study and intuitive development.

A tarot deck is simply a compendium of human experience expressed in imagery and archetypes.

My job when reading for you is to help you tap into your unique inner wisdom (sometimes called your Higher Self) so that you can see your life, behaviors, and ideas archetypally, allowing you to get outside of your old patterns and problems so you can send clear messages to the world around you about what YOU want.

My readings are designed to be an informative snapshot in time, a bird’s eye view of your current situation and your options if you continue on the path you’re currently traveling.

My reading style is honest, open, and compassionate—what the cards have to say may not be the answer you want to hear, but it will be delivered with kindness, non-judgment, and with an eye toward proactive problem-solving.

Clients leave my consultations with a renewed sense of purpose and direction, comfort during difficult times, and empowerment to help them make the best decisions for themselves.

In-person readings at AromaG’s Botanica in Nashville
Reserve your appointment to see me at the south’s largest and most diverse occult and metaphysical shop!
Walk-ins are also welcome, and my social media followers always get a free extra 5 minutes.
Fridays, 10 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.
223 Donelson Pike Nashville, TN 37214
$2/minute; 15 minute minimum
Cash, cards, and Venmo accepted
18+ service only; no exceptions

Online readings
My online readings (via Zoom) are great because you can see me and the cards at the same time, and you’re seeing the cards upright as I see them, instead of upside down across the table. Plus, you also receive the video recording of your reading, so you can refer back to it as needed.

Choose the date and time most convenient to you, and you’ll get a link to join me online at the appointed time.

15 minutes ($40) – This mini-consultation is perfect for a first-time tarot reading.

30 minutes ($75) – A half hour is great for a general reading or in-depth consultation on one significant issue.

60 minutes ($150) – a block of time dedicated to a deep-dive reading for life-changing crossroads, creating a game plan for your path forward, or tutoring in tarot.

Phone readings
For those times when Zoom isn’t convenient, I also offer consultations via phone.

15 minutes ($40) – This mini-consultation is perfect for a quick check-in or first-time tarot reading.

30 minutes ($75) – A half hour is great for a general reading or in-depth consultation on one significant issue.

60 minutes ($150) – a block of time dedicated to a deep-dive reading for life-changing crossroads or creating a game plan for your path forward.

Reading Packages
Three 30-minute readings ($225) Perfect for a regular self-care practice, or for those times when the ground seems to be shifting beneath your feet.

Via Zoom

Via Phone

Three 60-minute readings ($450) When life gets especially complicated, longer sessions bring focus and clarity, lighting the path ahead so you can feel confident and ready to move forward.

Via Zoom

Via Phone

AstroTarot Sessions

“The private session that I had with Kyndyll to learn about the correspondence between Astrology and Tarot has been a game changer for me. It has unlocked a depth of understanding about myself – what makes me tick and lights me up – and the life my soul came to live this go around…With this cosmic context, I can make choices with clarity, confidence, meaning and purpose.” –Francesca M.

“A wonderful 2 hours that opened my eyes and help me see where I needed improvement, why I do/have done some of the things I have done! Do it…you won’t regret it!” –Heather M.


Sometimes, a class or a reading just isn’t enough. Sometimes, the crossroads at which you stand is just too important, and you really need one-on-one, at-length attention from someone who can help you understand your unique strengths, challenges, and evolutionary assignments.

For those times, I’m pleased to offer AstroTarot™ Sessions. During this two-hour, individualized session, I work with you, your natal chart, and the tarot, showing you how to read and understand YOUR entire birth chart using tarot, and setting you up for a lifetime of deep personal insight!

Via this unique service, you receive the keys to your own astrological houses, so you can return again and again, gaining new insights each time you visit, for the rest of your life.

After this one-time session, you’ll have all the practical skills you need to interpret your chart through the lens of tarot any time, so you can get to know and completely fall in love with YOU.

Like online tarot readings, AstroTarot Sessions also allow you to see me and the cards at the same time, and you’re seeing the cards upright as I see them, instead of upside down across the table.

You also receive the video recording of the reading, plus reference images and a guide to refer back to as needed. Please note: For the most accurate AstroTarot Session, you will need to know your birth date, birth time (as close to the minute as possible), and birth city when you book.

Click the link below and choose the date and time most convenient to you; you’ll receive a link to join me online at the appointed time.

Book your AstroTarot Session


The Scarlet Temple is a new kind of adults-only, online community—one rooted in the art and science of the occult, that explores the intersection of two vital human technologies: sex and magick. 

It’s the place to meet other sexually-liberated, witchy, occult folk and to develop a practice that honors sexual deities like Babalon. It’s also the home of my sexier content and teachings that would be censored in all the usual places. 

In short, The Scarlet Temple is my love letter to Babalon, and to you, my delectable little morsel! I want to share my love, my lust, and my devotion to the Holy Temptress with you, while building the intimate, wholesomely filthy community we all want and deserve.

Here’s just a taste of what Scarlet Temple members have been enjoying:

🍷 Live Zoom Happy Hours with me and other ST members
🛸 Field trips to participate in esoteric events across the country
🌹 Practical information on sex magick
Conversations about magickal theory
🔥 Hot pics of me and other members at worship and play
🖤 Fellowship and teachings around Babalon and other deities
😈 Discussions about the intersection of kink and magick
🥰 The chance to meet and build relationships with other brilliant, magickal people who also revere the sacrament of sex…


…and that’s just the beginning, cuz we’re just getting warmed up!

The Scarlet Temple community is currently a private, closed community, but you can
apply to join the next time we open our doors to new members.


Tarot Parties
Looking for a unique way to entertain guests at your next gathering? Tarot Parties are an indulgent and enlightening way to celebrate your Girls’ Night, Bachelorette, Birthday, Halloween, New Year’s Eve, and Anniversary parties…

No matter the occasion, my tarot readings are always a fabulous hit, and fees can be structured as a package or by the individual reading. You can count on me to expertly match the vibe of your gathering—from corporate to witchy to sexy—to help it be even more successful. Email me with your party details to get started.

Private Events and Guest Appearances
I’m frequently a guest reader and presenter at area businesses. Stay tuned to the Events Calendar and Facebook for happenings near you!

If you’re interested in having me read or teach at your business, too, I offer:

  • presentations
  • private classes and courses
  • reading booths at new age and metaphysical expos
  • readings at grand opening and other special events
  • readings at festivals
  • regular reading days in area shops

…and more! I’m looking forward to helping your business shine.

Have an idea in mind? Shoot me an email to discuss your specific needs.