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  • My Lover, My Love, My Reflection - The desire for love is a universal one; it shows up in nearly every reading I have ever done, a fact that emphasizes the centrality of human relationships in health and well-being. Everyone wants to see The Lovers card come up in their readings. People commonly ask, “Will I meet someone soon?” “Is this person […]
  • The Hierophant and the Illusion of Struggle - For the first third of my life, I strongly identified with the number 5. The association existed for a variety of reasons, including my affinity for the symbolism of the pentacle, with its five points representing the four elements and Spirit. I also appreciated the human form as a five-pointed star: arms, legs, and head, […]
  • Calling In (and Calling Out) The Emperor - Card IV of the tarot’s major arcana, The Emperor is the very picture of stability. Like the four legs of a table, the four walls of a fortress, or the four cardinal directions, The Emperor has his bases covered. His boundaries are clearly defined and enforced. His tools are the four of each suit—the 4 […]
  • The Empress, the Trinity, and the Motherhood Question - The Empress card is Venus, signifying beauty, mercy, abundance, and love. She is associated with deeply experienced emotion—often seemingly without rationale or reason—as well as sexuality and creativity generously and joyously inhabited. The Empress is also the number 3 in the major arcana of the tarot, which recalls the Trinity, a concept present in spiritual, […]
  • The High Priestess and the Angel of Rainbows - I have been to many readers and intuitives over the years, and I have learned from and found value in nearly every intuitive reading I have ever received. But I have only met one true psychic (and by psychic, I personally mean someone who gives intuitive readings without using any outside tool such as cards, […]
  • Tarot Becoming The Magician - Sometimes an archetype’s impact on our lives only become clear in retrospect. My own journey to launching my first business, The Hermit Priestess, is one example that I look back on and clearly see moments when I both embraced and admittedly ran from the lessons The Magician was bringing me. In the two decades since […]
  • The Fool and the Cards - I have been reading the tarot for over 20 years. Cards, in one form or another, have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember, however. Some of my earliest memories are of playing Memory, Go Fish, and Old Maid with my mother. My father’s family has a longstanding tradition […]