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Thoth Tarot Intensive

10 Live Zoom Sessions, plus supporting materials and
a private Facebook group moderated by Kyndyll

Wednesdays starting September 22, 2021
6pm – 8pm Central Time, Zoom
Early Bird $350; $500 after September 1st

For those who are serious about learning the Thoth Tarot tradition and how to use this mysterious and complex deck, I’m proud to offer this intensive course of study. The Thoth Tarot has been my working deck of choice for over 20 years, and I’m honored to share what I have learned with you! Whether Thoth is your first tarot deck or your fiftieth, you’ll leave this course with a foundational competence in this deck that you can build on for the rest of your life.

Choosing a tarot deck is one of the most intensely personal decisions a magickal person makes, and while there are no right or wrong selections, there is one particular system known to be more mysterious, esoteric, and complex than all the others. Created by Aleister Crowley, a magician whose name is synonymous with controversy, and illustrated by Lady Frieda Harris, about whom comparatively little is known, the Thoth Tarot has earned its place in Western Occult canon.

In spite of its intimidating notoriety, for millions of tarot devotees around the world, the siren call of Thoth’s haunting imagery is just too much to resist. If you are new to tarot, new to Thoth Tarot, or just wanting to deepen your understanding of this enigmatic deck, I invite you to join me—a 20-year veteran professional tarotist specializing in Thoth Tarot—for a live, 10-session tarot intensive to gain wisdom and understanding of this occult masterpiece.

Along the way, you’ll learn what makes this captivating tarot system different than most, and what makes rising to the challenge of learning it so satisfying—not to mention getting much clearer, deeper insight from your daily draws and readings!

The Details:

We’ll meet Wednesday (Mercury-Hermes-Thoth’s day) evenings from 6pm – 8pm Central Time, beginning September 22, 2021, for a total of 20 hours of live instructional time. Sessions will be recorded for the benefit of those who can’t attend live.

September 22 – Session 1 – Introduction to the Tarot

September 29 – Session 2 – Introduction to Thoth Tarot

October 13* – Session 3 – Major Arcana, part I

October 20 – Session 4 – Major Arcana, part II

October 27 – Session 5 – The Suit of Wands

November 3 – Session 6 – The Suit of Cups

December 1* – Session 7 – The Suit of Swords

December 15* – Session 8 – The Suit of Disks

December 22 – Session 9 – The Art of Reading Tarot

December 29 – Session 10 – Group Practice Readings

*Please note the breaks in Session dates.

The text for this class will be Lon Milo DuQuette’s Understanding Aleister Crowley’s Thoth Tarot. Participants will need to purchase this book if they don’t already have it, along with a copy of the Thoth Tarot deck and a blank journal or notebook.

Ticket holders will also have access to my knowledge and support in between sessions via our private Facebook group—I’ll gladly help you ferret out what your confounding Card of the Day is trying to tell you, help you sort out your “stalker” card, or help you understand a card that you’re struggling with.

The investment for these 20 hours of instructional time, plus class recordings, supporting materials, and in-between session support directly from me, is $500; but if you register before September 1st using discount code EARLYBIRD, you’ll only pay $350. Registration will close at 5:59 pm Central Time on September 21st.

Register today to save your spot!