The Babalon Difference

Babalon is different than most other goddesses in that She is exclusively a representation of the active divine feminine principle. As the Jungian analyst Nancy Qualls-Corbett notes in her book, The Sacred Prostitute: Eternal Aspect of the Feminine, there is both a static and an active part of the divine feminine. The static archetype is […]

Five Foolproof Steps to Getting the Most Out of Your Tarot Reading

So, you’ve taken the plunge and booked your first reading with me—Yayyyyyy! Now what?? Honestly, the hardest part is over (and really, my one-stop online booking system makes “hard” a relative term), so now it’s time for the fun part: getting ready! Here are my five foolproof steps to getting the most out of your […]

Tarot Card Spotlight: Thoth Tarot’s The Moon

Traditional Title: The Ruler of Flux and Reflux, The Child of the Sons of the Mighty Sign: Pisces Planetary Ruler/Exaltation: Jupiter (Classical), Neptune (Modern)/Venus Date Range: 2/19 – 3/20 Qabalistic Correspondences: Path 29, Netzach (7) to Malkuth (10); Sephira 4, Chesed (via ruling planet Jupiter) Key Words: confusion, illusion, shadow, madness, witchcraft, darkness The ever-changing […]

The Shady Seven: Avoid These Unethical Intuitive Readers

In twenty years of working in metaphysics and the occult, I’ve seen all manner of shady ploys from so-called “spiritual” workers. It’s an unfortunate fact that not every intuitive reader has your best interests at heart. And after being the target of several of these in just the past month(!), I’m reminded that some things […]

Tarot Card Spotlight: Thoth Tarot’s 9 of Wands

Thoth Title: Strength Planet/Sign: Moon in Sagittarius Planetary Ruler: Jupiter Date Range: December 3 – 12 Qabalistic Correspondence: Yesod of Atziluth Key Words: flexibility, defense, adaptability as strength, standing up for oneself The 9 of Wands is Moon (planet of mystery, cycles, and all things psychic) in Sagittarius (sign of higher thought, philosophy, travel, spontaneity) […]

Tarot Card Spotlight: Thoth Tarot’s 8 of Wands

  Thoth Title: Swiftness Planet/Sign: Mercury in Sagittarius Planetary Ruler: Jupiter Date Range: November 23 – December 2 Qabalistic Correspondences: Hod of Atziluth Key Words: rapid change or development, unexpected communications, electronic information The 8 of Wands is entitled “Swiftness,” and it is ruled by the energy of Mercury (planet of communications, commerce, systems, speed) […]

The Lusty Mage Reviews… F*ck Like a Goddess: Heal Yourself. Reclaim Your Voice. Stand in Your Power. by Alexandra Roxo

Right after I shared my last blog post, a dear friend sent me an email with the link to Alexandra Roxo’s newest offering. Book nerd and incorrigible book collector that I am, I promptly ordered and devoured it in less than twenty-four hours. After gorging myself on the juiciness of the first pass-through, I’ve immediately […]

10 Easy Ways to Re-Explore Sex (That Won’t Get You Arrested or Fired)

Did you ever stop questioning your sexual practices…and forget to start again? I sure did. For years, the mantra I had around sexuality (and lots of other things, for that matter) was I don’t do that. I never thought to ask myself why. I just knew I wanted to be A Good Person™, and that’s […]

The Lusty Mage’s Crash Course in Sex Magick

Perhaps you’ve noticed my frequent references to sexuality, sensuality, and sexiness recently, and it’s got you wondering, what’s up with THAT? Well, I’ve been amping up the sexy talk because a large part of my own transformational journey over the past several years is a result of exploring my own sexuality again for the first […]

Naked Athena? Call Her by Her Real Name

Stunning photos and film clips of a female protester in Portland, Oregon are circulating on Twitter and in mainstream media the last few days. Clad in nothing but a mask and a hat, a mysterious woman single-handedly faced off a large group of armed federal law enforcement officers during a dangerous and escalating protest by […]